WEM is an easy-to-use platform to create web-based applications, with the WEM Modeler as its online building environment.

With our online resources like tutorials, documentation, forum and example quickstarter projects in MyWEM, you should be able to come a long way to create your applications.

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Request a Personal demo

You can send us a request for a Personal Demo on WEM.

Please provide all necessary information, and most importantly: let us know in the Demo Details, if you have a specific case in mind and describe it a bit, so we can prepare a more specific demo.

We will get in touch first to finalize any appointment.

Do you have a specific case or feature in mind? Let us know and we'll try to accommodate the demo.


Because this is a request for a PERSONAL demo, we ask you to provide a detailed description for your demo.

If you keep this a very standard sentence without actual information, you should expect to NOT get a demo.